Opt Out or Make a Complaint

Opting out of Liquid11 Data?

If you wish to opt out of receiving sales or marketing communication that has or has had an association with Liquid11 Data, you can remove your details by either calling our unsubscribe line (0203 189 1199) and following the instructions, or by filling in the below form.

Once complete, your details will be added to our global suppression list and automatically removed from any further data passed on to us.

Adding your details to the TPS

We also recommend registering your details and telephone numbers with the Telephone Preference Service at http://www.tpsonline.org.uk All telephone records should be checked against this suppression list every 28 days by any organisation conducting any outbound calling campaign; failure to do this can result in a substantial fine. TPS compliance is regulated and enforced by The Information Commissioner’s Office.

For any further information please email [email protected]