Frequently asked questions

Please note: We do not sell business data

Where do you get the data from?

We gather our data on an ongoing basis from different sources, with over 200 contributors to our data pool over the last 24 months alone. This data can be gathered via online web forms, telephone surveys and also purchased from other data houses. We regularly clean and refine our data on a consistent and frequent basis ensuring you get the very best results.

How can your data help my business?

We have helped many businesses increase their conversation rates on outbound marketing campaigns by supplying guaranteed live, clean and switched on data consistently. We have a very experienced UK support team who can advise on the best data solution for your campaign or business.

Can you guarantee the data?

We guarantee that the mobile phone numbers that you purchase are clean live and switched on and we clean and TPS check all our records ourselves in house just prior to release to you. We will replace at no cost to you any dead, invalid or duplicated phone number records.

Do you provide contract end dates for mobile phone upgrades?

Contract end dates are solely owned by the mobile network and is not something that can be sold, stored or used. We do however have network specific data perfect for mobile phone upgrades that have performed very well for upgrade campaigns.

Do you provide samples?

We do provide samples, but we’d like to speak to you first to ascertain the type and frequency of your data requirements. If we are able to help, we can supply sample data sets so you can test the quality prior to purchase.

Are you regulated (UK)?

We are ICO regulated and we fully adhere to the DPA regulations also. We are a UK data company that has been supplying and cleaning mobile phone data over the past 7 years.

How can I use the data?

The majority of our data is for a live agent voice call only; we do have other data facets that are opted in for SMS and many data solutions to help your business.