Compliance & Procedures

We employ a dedicated Compliance and Information Security Team to continually review and update our compliance practices, policies and procedures and in order to reflect the changing regulatory environment and legislation. As DMA members, we regularly review our practices with them in order to provide our team with an external view point.

Liquid11 Data does not collect/generate data; however we work on behalf of a large number of carefully selected data suppliers and lead generation companies. We carry out thorough Due Diligence on all suppliers; we only trade with companies based in the UK and never work with companies that are not ICO registered. Furthermore, any data that is passed to us goes through a rigorous process to ensure legitimacy and accuracy which can include but is not limited to the following:

  • Consumer TPS suppression
  • Advanced internal DNC suppression
  • External DNC from suppliers and customers
  • Aggregated DNC from various third parties
  • Deceased Register
  • PAF check
  • Mobile Goneaways
  • Advanced HLR

If you are considering becoming a supplier or customer of Liquid11 Data, please contact our team for a copy of our Due Diligence pack along with all supporting documents.

Certifications & Licences held