Complementary Services & Solutions

Pocket Receptionist - Telephone Answering Service

Overflowing calls to your Pocket Receptionist team will allow you or your team to spend their time focused on what’s important and you can be assured that your calls are being handled by a professional UK-based team.

Whether you’re a sole trader looking to have calls answered while you’re busy or a larger business looking to overflow some calls or all your calls, Pocket Receptionist can help.

Ensure your calls are always answered by a human while freeing up your time.

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SwitchboardFREE - Virtual Business Numbers

Whether you require a telephone number as your main business contact number, or a variety of numbers for your call centre’s various departments, SwitchboardFREE can provide it all.

With a range of professional tools included within each package, you can ensure that you will always find a perfect fit for your business.

Built in reporting tools allow you to monitor how many calls you are receiving, any missed calls, and what your busiest hours are, all with a click of a button.

Access statistics on any promotional campaigns you are running to see which is generating the best return for you.

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SMS Traffic Herding - Bulk SMS Marketing

An advanced SMS gateway that enables you to drive traffic to and interact with your website. The SMS sending service embeds a unique code in website links for each recipient, allowing you to accurately track responses and view invaluable information on your data – including make and model of the recipient’s handsets to allow for targeted campaigns. SMS Traffic Herding also allows you, via an API, to pre-fill website forms with any data you currently hold about an individual – making the mobile experience quick and easy.

Schedule bulk SMS sends for specific dates and times as well as split testing data to monitor responsiveness to the sends.

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VerIDial - Two-Factor Authentication

A two-factor authentication service that utilises your telephone (landline or mobile) as the second factor when authenticating a user. This service is available to any sized business or organisation. With a simple plug-in, any business can add the service to their website as either an additional layer of security, or to validate a potential customer at data capture level.

For businesses wishing to integrate, there are a number of features that are fully customisable – including company branding – logo and colours on the App, the CLI that is presented on a voice call and the sender details of the SMS.

For e-commerce sites, a Magento plug-in is available, providing you with a quick and easy way to protect your customers whilst they shop online with you.

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Con-Flab - Free Conference Calling

If you require a professional conference call platform which you can access for free with no setup fee or monthly subscriptions then Con-Flab is the tool for you.

A free and easy to use system that allows you to utilise inclusive minutes to access conferences from mobile devices.

Free recordings of the conference call are also available to download.

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